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Posted: Fri Jun 27, 2003 9:51 am
by Ted Spires
Does anyone know the origin of the Warminster to Chilmark milestone in the village. It is dated 1840 and recorded on the 1890 map of the area, as is the next milestone at Tytherington, but there doesn't seem to be any more on any possible route to Chilmark. It must have been a fairly direct route given that the total distance is 10 miles. Why would a route to Chilmark warrant being signed?

Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2003 7:01 pm
by Jw
there is a milestone marking the route to sarum and london on what my father termed lords hill saying that it is XXII miles from sarum and london is also mentioned. the hill in question is the one you see as you stand in front of st johns, face the road and look as the crow flies over the hill towards the deverills.

kindest regards Jyl