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Could you help me please.....

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:28 am
by mathewpike
Ive been trying to find my fathers grave for some time, as well as some of my father family, im not someone trying to scam or anything else before we wonder why i dont know why im unsure.....i was about 13 when my father died, hid family come from sutton veny, and it was about 1991 when he died. Im very sorry for the unsuranty, but ive had a lot going on in my life that has upset the balance of things, and am trying despretly to find his grave as am unable to travel, i know he was buried near the left wall as you walked throught the gate (as i remember going back some years as am now 30) his name is christopher ronald pike, and there is the mention of my great grand father on the plack in the church ronal pike as i remember as a child. This may seem as a strange post and i can underand, but if possible for a pic of the stone as i was moved to wales as a child and cant travel well due to illness, it has been on my mind for many years and i would realy like to see the grave stone as it was laid after and i couldent view, many thanks m.pike