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Letter from Australian Premier

Post by barnard » Thu May 10, 2007 3:15 pm

It was with great delight that a letter was read at the schools Anzac Day service this year from Australian premier John Howard.

Mr Howard had written to the school upon receiving a newsaper article from an Australian living in the UK after last years, school Anzac Day service.

He commended the school for it's continuing contribution in honouring the memory of Australia's countrymen. Mr Howard enclosed a short piece to be read on his behalf at the service :

Prime Minister
On the 25th April each year gatherings are held across Australia and around the world to honour the first ANZACs and those servicemen and women who have followed their proud example serving Australia in times of conflict.

The original ANZACs could not have known at the time that their service would leave all Australians with an enduring legacy: our sense of self. The ANZAC legend has helped define who we are as Australians, and ANZAC day is a chance to reflect with pride on what it means to be Australian and the values we hold dear: determination, courage, compassion, mateship and resourcefulness.

This ANZAC Day, Australian servicemen and women will be on station in a range of locations around the world including, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Solomon Islands and East Timor. As we gather to remember the sacrifices made by past generations in previous wars, our thoughts and prayers are with our current servicemen and women and their families.

It is very pleasing to know that the ANZAC legacy is honoured each year in Sutton Veny. Your service of remembrance honours the memory of the original ANZACs, and is living testament to the close association between Australia and England.
I thank you on behalf of the Australian Government and people for the way in which you honour our fallen countrymen.

Signed John Howard
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Post by Stephen » Fri May 11, 2007 7:08 am

Excellent news - well done !!


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