Friends of Sutton Veny Church Summer Party – Saturday 27th July

Good weather and good company combined with the Steeple Rocks Choir in good voice to make a very successful inaugural Friends of Sutton Veny Church Summer Party on Saturday 27th July. The tents erected on the Alexander Field adjacent to the churchyard extension were not needed for shelter, but provided a good base for the Produce Stall to set out their wares. These were quickly snapped up by both regulars and some new faces.

The church provided both a stunning visual backdrop and an effective sounding- board for the 30-strong choir that includes Peter and Valerie Hopkins, who were instrumental in inviting them and also key players in the organisation of both this event and the weekly Produce Stalls respectively.

The choir had the desired effect of encouraging people to stay longer at the Produce Stall than they might normally do - Prosecco, soft drinks and an impressive array of savoury nibbles might have had something to do with this too! Inevitably the assembled gathering couldn't resist the temptation to enjoy the choir’s impressive repertoire as a backing track to their own lively conversations. Hopefully, they will forgive us.

After the music, Christopher Elliott, who is the new Chairman of the Friends Group trustees, paid tribute to his predecessor, George Brooks. Not only had George been instrumental in setting up the Friends organisation, but also had as put a huge amount into the staging of the party. Christopher emphasised that the main theme of what he hoped would become an annual party was to be a social gathering for the whole village. In particular, it was for those who help support the church in so many ways, including cleaning, mowing, flower arranging, bell ringing and catering at social events, and to say a big thank you to them all. Naturally, he didn’t miss the opportunity to encourage everyone to take up membership of the Friends and also to give generously in aid of the church related projects that the Friends Group has been set up to support. In closing, he encouraged everyone to look out for the details of the autumn fundraising event that the trustees were are in the throes of planning.

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