Friends of the Church – Carol Singing – 6 pm Sat 19 Dec 20

What’s the plan?

  • Meet at the entrance to Walnut Close by 6.00pm – socially distanced of course. (Some drink & nibbles to improve our singing voices may be available.)
  • Arm ourselves with carol sheets, collecting buckets* and perhaps a bell or horn* to let people know we’re about. (*Some will be provided but if you can come suitably armed all the better.)
  • Sort ourselves out into groups of no more than 6 people and decide which part of the village each group will cover.
  • Bomb-burst from the centre of the village and sing loudly to anyone who’ll listen for about 45 minutes or so.
  • Collect lots of money!
  • Return to the start by 7.00pm to compare experiences and take stock of our donations.

Go on our merry way.

More details here: