Parish News Update

Parish News

Many of the uncertainties being experienced by all of us at this time have affected production of the Parish News for May. Any forecast of events for the month is irrelevant but, on the other hand, we are very proud to be able to publicise village news, and especially that relating to the brilliant support of help teams and hubs that have sprung up around the Valley. We are asking them all to pass on how to find the Parish News if one does not come through your letter box. This message may be duplicated but that is better than not receiving it at all.

We normally put over 1300 copies through doors, but this time 800 copies of 8 pages each will be published and distributed with the priority going, as best we can, to those who may not have access to the internet. They should arrive before the end of the month.

The web version can be accessed here: and it will include two additional pages. If you receive a hard copy and find you do not need it, please kindly pass it to a neighbour who might.