Smoke Nuisance – Bonfires

Bonfires during the COVID-19 outbreak

Please avoid having any bonfires whilst the Coronavirus controls are in place, particularly during the long Easter weekend. A lot of people at home are vulnerable and any one of your neighbours might have respiratory issues or even be fighting the Coronavirus itself. During this difficult time please think of others before lighting any fires.

You can stockpile green waste, create a compost area or simply let the job wait until the household recycling centres re-open to the public.

Never burn garden waste that is still green or recently cut, and never burn any other household waste.

If this advice is not followed and there is evidence of a risk to health and/or the use or enjoyment of another’s property is being affected, we may serve a formal notice on the person responsible. This may result in legal action.

To report an incident of a problem bonfire please see our 'how we investigate a complaint' section of this page and contact us.

From Wiltshire council and further details on this including the law is here: