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Update on the Future of the Community Support Group

Hi everyone,
I hope you're all well and are managing to get back to some of the normalities of life as lockdown is eased.
It's been a while since I sent an update so I just thought I'd let you know how things are going in "HQ" and what the future looks like for the community support group.
It's been much quieter in terms of requests for assistance coming in. We continue to provide prescription collections for those still shielding but have just had our first week without Alan's regular run to Codford. This could just be a coincidence of timings for medication not running out or may be indicative of people returning to self-collections.
I am sure that many of you are still also providing local support to neighbours without the need for any central coordination and I thank you again for this.
In terms of the future, I'm now looking at the "exit strategy" for this group as we transition to the new normal. Eventually, all our services will cease in their current guise but I hope that the Parish Council will pick up the reigns with coordinating the establishment of a new community group for the long term. Some of you may have seen this idea in the village newsletter and I urge you all to contribute your thoughts as to what this future organisation may look like and what its aims should be.
For now, we'll continue to help those that require it and thank you again for all your support over the last few months.
Best regards,
Ali Wigham
Coordinator, Sutton Veny Community