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Whatleys of Sutton Veny

Just looking for any information on Greenhill House circa 1851

My Great great grandfather Richard Whatley is listed in the 1851 census as living with his family at Greenhill house and his occupation is listed as a pig dealer. It is also listed in another census that he has 4 acres of land for his pigs in the village and the address is Whatley gardens Sutton Veny. I can find no reference to Whatley Gardens in searches, with regard to the 1851 census i know the Hintons were still at Greenhill or at least still owned it as it was not sold till 1853 is anyone able to clear up this matter.

My great great grandfather is buried to the left of the footpath with his wife as you walk into the church and has a very ornate headstone and i was told by a gentleman at the church that he had to be quite wealthy to be buried there and to afford such a headstone. He then showed me records of the burial plots in the churchyard although there were 93 reserved for Whatley family the vast majority were never taken. As far as i can tell the last Whatley family left the village in the last century. I have a lot of ties to other familys that were in the village and surrounding villages ie Trenchards,Bedfords,Randalls,Dutch,Franklyn,Holmes and many more. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


I have emailed you - say if not received.