Sutton Veny Anzac Services

ANZAC Day is a national holiday in Australia and New Zealand and is the occasion to remember the men and women of all the Services who have fallen in war. The streets of every town and city are filled to watch the veterans march and to thank God that when the need arose their nations were able to call upon such support from its sons and daughters.

The 1st Australian Imperial Force (AIF) (which the ANZACs were latterly a part of) was a purely volunteer force for the duration of the war. A total of 331,814 Australians were sent overseas to serve as part of the AIF which represented 13% of the white male population. Of these 18% were killed. The casualty rate (killed or wounded) was 64%.

Many villages in the Wylye Valley including Sutton Veny were used to barrack troops training prior to deployment to France. Towards the end of the war units from Australia arrived, deployed to France and then returned after the war for training as farmers prior to the long sea voyage back to Australia. Consequently a very close liaison was formed between Sutton Veny and Australia which continues to this day.

On ANZAC Day Sutton Veny Primary School hold a service in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery where 144 Australians are buried and the children lay flowers on every gravestone. In addition there is an Anzac Service on the Sunday closest to ANZAC Day in St John's Church, Sutton Veny.

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Sutton Veny Primary School Yearly Anzac Day Service

A news clip from ABC News Australia from the 25 April 2013 Service is below.

The audio clip also below is from ABC Reporter Philip Williams who interviewed those involved with the service.