Sutton Veny Neighbourhood Watch

This Scheme has now somewhat lapsed owing to the different style of community policing and the increasing age of many of the Street Coordinators.

A wider form of village organisation is under discussion and this might well incorporate many of the advantages of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme when it was running.

It is worth reminding readers of the basic, sensible measures that should be taken to discourage burglaries from properties

  • To have adequate door locks and window catches and to use them if the house is unoccupied. It is also worth locking doors in the evening if you are engrossed in the television.
  • Take sensible precautions to conceal the fact that the house is unoccupied, e.g. close garage door, leave lights/radio on, cancel milk and papers when away, etc.
  • Keep sheds and other outbuildings locked and hide any machinery or tools that can be seen through the windows.

Some insurance companies offer a discount on household cover for members of a Scheme.

Residents who notice anything suspicious should, in an emergency, call the police on 999. If less urgent, telephone 101. (Be patient when ringing this number as there may be a delay if the operators are particularly busy.) Alternatively, the Village Co-ordinator could be contacted and appropriate action can be decided upon.

There is a fine line between “snooping” and sensible observation, but areas with an active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme have shown a reduction in burglaries and thefts. Any queries about the village scheme should be addressed to:

Peter Strangeways, NW co-ordinator

Furrows, 101 High Street, Sutton Veny, BA12 7AW Tel: 01985 840403 Email: ps**********@do*****.uk

November 2021

Electoral Registers

Electoral registers are updated each Autumn and are lists of all the names and addresses of everyone who is eligible to vote. There are two editions of the registers; a full register which is used for elections, preventing and detecting crime and checking applications for loan or credit and the edited register which is publically available for marketing and any other commercial activities. When renewal notices arrive, consider only registering for the full register by opting out of the edited register.

Further information can be found on

How to Stop Cold Calls and Unsolicited Mail

Unsolicited (cold) calls and mail are not only a nuisance, but can also lead to pressured sales and sub-standard goods being sold at premium prices.

To avoid unsolicited sales calls and mail in the future you should remove your personal details from any sales lists. This can be done by Registering with the Telephone Preference Service. This is a free service. Registration can be made on line or by telephoning 0845 070 0707.

Registering with the Mailing Preference Service. This is a free service. Registration can be made on line or by phone to 0845 703 4599.